Thinking of an Iranian style wedding?

Its all about coordination.

You can hire the best caterer, best florist, and have the most exclusive venue, but if you don't hire the right wedding planner, all your efforts would be a waste.

جشن عروسی خاطره ای تکرار نشدنی است و یاد و خاطره آن روز به همراه دردسرهای شیرینش همیشه در یادمان باقی می ماند

اگر قصد انتخاب يك كيترينگ مناسب را براى مجلس عروسى يا مهمانيتان داريد با ما تماس بگيريد!

با انواع غذاهای اصیل و محبوب ایرانی ، عربى، دریایی و انواع سالادها ، دسرها و نوشیدنی ها با شناخت از ذائقه شناسی فرهنگهای مختلف در خدمت شماست.


at Manoush, we take care of all aspect of your Iranian style wedding, from the tea serving and Samavar, to the entertainment and catering.

We make sure that every detail that the client wanted is to perfection. Also we are very professional handling and managing your different vendors.

We are very involved in the planning process and make sure to keep your wedding on track.

We make it easy for you to enjoy your wedding.

Manoush works with one of the most professional Iranian wedding planners in London. Please call us to discuss more in details.

 T. 020 7096 0957 (Joseph)

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