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Taftoon...just baked!
Freshly prepared Taftoon bread from organic and original ingredients baked with Manoush in-house Tanoor! Taftoon (Persian: تافتان‎) is a leavened flour bread, with saffron and small amount of cardamom powder baked in a clay oven. Check out the process and photos!
Iranian food history... 350BC?
How much do you know about Iranian cuisine and its early recipes? Did you know Iranian (or Persian) cuisine has a shared history and ingredients with Mesopotamian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine, going back to 350 BC?
Order online!
No time to come to Manoush cuisine? Like to have first class Iranian food at convenience of your home? No problem. Place your order using our online ordering system, and get FREE delivery up to 2 miles around Manoush W2, or order over £50 and get FREE delivery up to 10 miles!
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